A Coffee Roasting Company That Supports Farming Communities

Fair Wage Coffee is a coffee roasting business synonymous with Brewin Bear Coffee Roasting. Our family-owned-and-operated company works with farming communities to deliver fresh-roasted coffee to your table. 

Our Story


Several years ago, the head of our company, Mark Thompson, never thought that he could enjoy a cup of coffee while making a difference in someone else’s life. Through Fair Wage Coffee, he believes that customers can support the lives of less fortunate coffee farmers and do their part in building 

a better world. 

What Sets Us Apart


We believe in providing great coffee directly from unique, single-source origins that help keep farming families intact. Our team honors and respects these coffee-growing families by going beyond just trading fairly with them and by helping them maintain a 

sustainable livelihood. 

Support Us Today


We recognize that there are a lot of coffee brands to choose from, and we feel honored that you have chosen to support our company and the farmers we work with. Get a taste of exotic destinations around the world by purchasing our origin-specific roasted coffee today.